Monday, March 4, 2013

getting away from me

You know in movies sometimes, when you are made to focus on a character who is moving at a normal pace, or maybe sitting, while everyone around them rushes by in fast-forward?

Yeah. It's March already. How did that happen? This new year seems to be hurrying along all right. Or maybe it's just that I'm getting older. In fact, it's probably that I'm getting older. But I would rather think that it has something to do with a time dilation device hidden somewhere in my house that is making me feel like that slowed down person in a crowd that flies by.

Actually, I don't mind. I'm quite enjoying myself lately. My family all came down with a cold, the weird weather dipped back down into the 30's at night, and we spent a nice weekend reading books by a crackling fire...pretty much morning till evening.

I've made jam.

we jammin'

Gave into the springtime compulsion to buy more chickens. Meet Roberta and Peeves.

Roberta and Peeves.

I started the first step in rearranging my sewing room into a space where I feel I can make...anything. This step included putting away the huge quilting rack, painting another chalkboard wall, and making a place for my art supplies.

studio, in the process

Then I painted.

life, when still

And mixed-media-ed. I don't know what you call it when you're working on a mixed media piece. I just don't. Sorry.


But mostly I've just done the normal, mundane, comfortable things that anchor us to our little sphere of life. Like laundry. School. Grocery shopping. Y'know, the little things that, when done without a break for too long, will kill your spirit by sheer monotony, but when spelled by getaways, surprise visits, and out-of-the-ordinary errands, make you sane. Know what I mean?

Time to go eat some jam.


Kirsten said...

Your still life painting is really beautiful! Enjoy the jam too although your jars look a bit naked - my daughter recently made some marmalade and printed off some cute labels form here:

Rachel at Stitched in Color said...

Yes, yes, the routines do make me sane. I love the routines after being away. Same with homeschooling. It's being connected with life.

BTW, your space looks lovely. I'd love to stop by...

rachel.lyn said...

mmmm...gimme some jam.

I know exactly what you mean. I couldn't believe I was tearing off the February page of my calendar the other day. Every day seems like a blur to me lately. Maybe because of my lack of sleep and a new routine I still have yet to figure out...I don't know. But I know I can't believe it's March and in my sleepless state last night all I could think about was, "It's almost EASTER."

mrs.deane said...

That fig is beautiful. And i'm jealous over here that you have a room all to yourself.