Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Hi. This is me. I'm Jenn. Nice to meet you.

Reading the responses to my last post (which, just to clarify, wasn't a test to see if you would actually read that particular post, but more to see if anyone else gravitates towards pictures rather than words when it comes to blogs) I was reminded of a few things that I have been meaning to talk about. 

Like the fact that even though I know 90% of my readers are here because of quilts, I don't consider myself to be a quilter. 

Throughout my life I have found a few hobbies that I have become interested in, briefly obsessed with, then tired of. Like knitting. Jewelry making. Etc. I read this post by Oh Joy! recently and found it summed up my feelings on the subject very neatly. Only in my case, I don't have a business that I found I was meant to do. (At least not yet. We'll see what happens later.)

For now, I am content with being a maker. I make pancakes. I make school portfolios. I make quilts and paintings and flower arrangements. I make smiles and scowls, soap and scrubs, silliness and seriousness. I didn't pick my blog name just because it sounded fun, I picked it because it's true about me. I doubt I will ever be focused enough on one single thing to master it, because there are just too many trades I'm interested in learning about, dabbling in, obsessing over. For me, it's part of the fun. When I get bored, I move on. Sometimes I come back after a nice long break. Sometimes I realize it was a phase and it's time to pass those knitting needles on to a fellow maker. 

But more importantly than what I make, I am a wife, a mother, a follower of Jesus. I realize that not everyone wants to see pictures of my kids. Or my gardening. According to some "blogging rules" I've read in the past, speaking about my love of God is strictly taboo if I want my readers to be happy. 

However, I can't just separate out my family from my crafting, my making from my faith. They are, for me, so tightly woven together that you can't get one without the other. Why would I quilt if not for family and friends and orphans to make quilts for? Why would I garden and paint if not to express the joy I feel at all the beauty that God has surrounded me with? To deny these relationships is to deny all that I am. I could keep this blog just about the crafty stuff, and keep my family blog for all that other stuff, but I shouldn't have to. 

I certainly don't wish to offend anyone, or to alienate those of you who read this, but in all honesty I'll probably post pictures of plants and chicken coops sometimes. I'll probably mention my family on occasion and even break taboo and talk about Jesus. Because that's my life. It's what I'm about. It's always awesome to hear from someone who enjoys what I write, or who likes what I've made. I know for certain it isn't always the case, and that a huge chunk of people will merely skim this post. That's okay. I love you anyway. :)


Rachel at Stitched in Color said...

Just read this and your previous post. Honestly, the blogs I read, I just read, regardless of the pictures. I do read the words because that's how I get to know someone. I only skim the blogs that I follow more for news or inspiration than for friendship. I love your wordy posts, they are often very thoughtful =)

Lynz said...

Hmm. See. The blogs I love? And get excited about a new post appearing? (like yours) They talk about everything. Not just quilts or baking but the people behind the sewist and the baker. I skim blogs that are ONLY sewing, for example. Sure, they have pretty pictures but the community part of blogging only comes when people share a bit of themselves in their writing. So post away, dude, I like chat!

Jenny Squawk said...

I noticed. I have a ton of blogs I follow, all for different reasons, but the reason yours had stayed on my reader is faith. I've had a hard time trying to talk about it myself. Life is hard. Most days, I can't get though it on my own, but I'm not alone. I still have trouble posting faith, but I've been trying.

Anonymous said...

I am a horrible commenter but I'm hear reading them all. loving everything you make, plant, say, make, do! p.s. Jesus is awesome, who wouldn't want to talk about him?

Linda Willman said...

LOL... I'm reading your blog because of a quilt featured on FAvequilts. I've been on here for quite a while and LOVE reading about your journey, your children, hobbies, and your love of Jesus! Enjoying it all!!!