Saturday, April 6, 2013

March Pin Madness

So "Pick a Pin" was sort of a misnomer for the month of March. "Pick a Few Pins" doesn't work either. The only thing I can say about last month was that a sort of madness overtook me. And I went with it.

In no apparent order, here are my picks and makes and purchases for March from things I've pinned:

I bought: a fiddle leaf fig.

A couple of Ekby shelves for my studio.

This cheap but super functional desk lamp for drawing.

I made: Geo wall hooks.

Neon macrame.

Leather baskets.

Blood orange marmalade.

A pallet compost bin.

Homemade linen spray.

The one thing I didn't do? Those egg geodes. I couldn't find alum powder anywhere except online for ridiculous prices, and I would rather spend my money on plants and crafts than 2 ounces of powder.

On a related note, suddenly I can't link pins from my boards onto my blog. Anyone else having similar difficulties? I know Pinterest has switched over to a new layout but why, I wonder, am I no longer allowed to put pins on here? Anyone know?

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