Thursday, November 21, 2013

normality achieved

I think I am almost back to normal, now. Maybe.

I've been trying for weeks to get back into a regular routine with school and chores, which is not easy when you've got a lot of non-normal stuff going on. Like camping out a friend's parents farm and riding horses (not me) and zip lining, and driving an airboat.

Well anyway, the house is (mostly) clean, the kids are caught up on schoolwork, and I've been able to start drawing and painting again.

That last one cracks me up. I don't know what made me tack that hat on at the end, but it made me and my kids laugh and also gave me all sorts of ideas for a series.

Also, after a year of quilting hiatus, my youngest has requested a bigger quilt for Christmas, so looks like I'll be back in the sewing saddle again as soon as my fabric arrives…I'm actually kind of excited to quilt again. I guess a year off was a good enough break to make me stop detesting my sewing machine.

1 comment:

tusen said...

So great to see your drawings and paintings, they are beautiful (and the last one is so fun with the hat).
I'm looking forward to see you quilting, too.