Friday, July 25, 2014

DIY date night

Sometimes a busy schedule and small kids can equate to not having a lot of alone-time as a couple.

Sometimes the budget doesn't allow for a babysitter and a fancy restaurant.

Sometimes you're just too lazy to go out.

The solution? DIY date night!

Here's the how-to:

Step 1
Find a recipe for something yummy, unusual, and if possible, get your husband to cook it for you.

(enjoy the sight of someone else cooking, coupled with the wearing of a Star Wars apron meant for a six year old kid)

Step 2
Feed the kids early. Try something kid-friendly and cheap and easy that isn't the usual for them so they equate date night with something fun and special, too. Then put them in their room.  Shut the door while chuckling evilly.

Also, shut the animals away somewhere where they can smell the food but not approach it. 

Step 3
Sit on the couch reading a book while your husband cooks for you. Try to enjoy it and not get up every five seconds to see if he's okay, or if he needs something, or if he's going to burn it all.

Step 4
Set the table. Light some candles. Make it as nice as you can.

(okay that looks kind of boring but better than the usual bare table with wipe-off placemats)

Step 5
Put on something nice. You wouldn't go out to eat in your pi's, so don't do it at home either.

Step 6
Enjoy! Try to pretend you're surrounded by the white noise of other people's conversation, rather than the sound of frogs and your kids making sound effects in their bedroom.

(By the way, he made some French dish with sea scallops, mushrooms and shallots in a creamy tarragon lemon sauce with Gruyere cheese...good grief it was delicious. My man can COOK when he wants to!!)

Et voila! One little way to keep a marriage happy.


JennR said...

Awesome! Adorable! Do-able...if my man can cook, that is! :) Congrats on the sweet date night! And kudos to the kiddos!!!

TheDomesticWren said...

This is too cute. My favorite part is when the cats were peering in longingly. :p

mrs.deane said...

Excellent :O)

Jonathan and I haven't had an at home date night in a long while, because we've actually been going OUT on dates together!!! I think we went on more "dates" last year/since Guinevere was born, than in our history of dating life/marriage combined. It's like life is happening backwards for us or something. Anyway.

Very cute post. Hugs to you :O)

smileatmee said...

Art looks so great! Kisses to all.