Monday, July 21, 2014


Things around here have been busy to say the least, leaving me with very little time for fun things like painting or sewing. *sigh* I miss crafting!

But I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things now that vacations are done, VBS is over with, and some semblance of a routine is creeping back into our lives.

One of the projects that I hope to start soon involves an opportunity I have to go back to Swaziland next summer. Our church, teamed up with HopeAlive268, is planning another trip in June of 2015, and this time both my husband and I are hoping to go to work with the orphans there. Some of the projects include construction, helping in the hospitals, and working directly with the kids.

A year may seem like a long time to prepare and raise funds, but last year's trip already seems like yesterday, and I know the year will fly by quickly. Especially when we have $6600 to raise between now and then.

That being said, I am in the process of planning a Craft fair around Christmas to raise funds for the team, which means I'll need to get cracking soon if I'm to have anything to sell by December. We are trying to find a venue where we can set up booths for individual artists, or themed booths (like a jewelry booth for all handmade jewelry donated to the cause, a booth for all sewn things) if individuals don't have enough stuff for a whole booth. We would like to open it up to the community with the understanding that all sales will go towards funding the team to Swaziland and helping with the supplies we will be bringing over to help the people there.

If any of you crafty readers have anything you would like to donate to our fair, please let me know you are interested and I will keep you informed as the planning continues. If you are part of quilting guilds, please spread the word and see if anyone else would like to help.

Maybe you don't have anything handmade to donate, but you would like to help us out financially? If so, you can go to and donate to our page. Every little bit helps!

I would really welcome any ideas or advice that any of you might have on having a Craft Fair--from setup to getting the word out to even what to make! Help a sister out. :)

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we are the deanes said...

I recognize some of those fabric pieces :O) Beautiful!