Wednesday, December 23, 2009


a few years back i tried to make stockings for the boys, but they were just too...i don't know. not my style. dark red and green velvet with gold embroidery. yeah. don't ask me what i was thinking. i'm a bright color, silly style person who watches movies like "elf" to get inspired for my holiday decorating. anyway, i had leftover scraps of fabric from my advent calendar so i used those to applique and embroider the names, and used some felt i had to make stripes. ilya wanted his to be different from sashka's and mal's, so i made his red. then he requested a "monster snowman", so i did my best to make it look like one of his many monster drawings. it came out pretty accurate.

they're certainly not as polished and perfect as those velvet ones i'd made, but to me that's just part of the charm. just like i like popsicle stick ornaments the kids make better than the pier one li bien ornaments i've been collecting since '98. anyway.


Esther said...

so cute. jenn you are so talented.

foldreformer said...

I was pretty pleased with my own stockings till Aaron came to me saying he wanted a monster snowman on his too :O)

Susan said...

hi :)

did i not comment on this stocking already??? maybe i told you some other way. anyway, it's hilarious and awesome.

we don't have stockings yet. we used to put things in our shoes, but anyway. i won't settle for anything but the pressed velvet stockings i've been wanting for years and years and years. at least, that's what i want for me. i purchased some awesome vintage fabric to make one for eleanor and also a fabric that is perfect for little jonathan, too. someday i'll actually make them!

anyway. the real reason i am writing here is because i wanted to tell you that your three guesses on my latest post were spot on. you and nicole are the only ones who've guessed correctly! but i'm not posting your comment until after the reveal, because i don't want anybody to read it and figure it out.

hugs to you, smartie.