Monday, January 11, 2010

where has my motivation gone?

i have to admit, i haven't been very motivated to blog lately. i'd rather be DOING things, y'know? and with a limited number of hours between homeschooling, nursing, dinner plans, exercise, etc., i find i'd rather spend those hour(s) making things rather than in front of the computer.

that being said, i AM going to try to post pictures of stuff. here are some experimental cupcakes i baked today for my niece's first b-day party this weekend. i think they turned out pretty cute. and they taste loooovely. lemon sour cream cakes with cream cheese frosting...need i say more?

livi's cupcakes

i promise to post pictures of my other works in progress soon. i've been working on a present for my friend susan, finishing up my mermaid quilt (just the binding left--my favorite part, ugh), and a GIANT painting. i am promising. hold me to it. in the meantime, you can always check out my other blog, where i've been playing with my little point-and-shoot camera.

oh yeah, and i am so excited, i actually WON something on a giveaway at the aforementioned susan's blog! i never win anything! i could have been an extension cord and i'd still be excited but it's better than that and i'm just thrilled. yay!

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Susan said...

giggling excitedly about a present for ME!!!

but what i also want to say is - adorable cupcakes!!! i want to start doing huge icing roses on cupcakes. i learned how to make regular icing roses (the vintage sort) in my cake decorating class, and I'm totally up for making them huge. i think it will do nicely, but i am trying not to make too many cupcakes because my heart and my belly can't take the fat intake so often.

lastly, sour cream makes just about everything better. yum. have you tried it in scrambled eggs??? you have never experienced the greatness of scrambled eggs unless you've tried them with a spoonful of sour cream. no joke.