Thursday, January 14, 2010

some finished projects

at last! my mermaid quilt is DONE!
i'm not posting any pictures of the front, because i took them and they looked exactly like this, only with a thin blue border of pink. and i'm too lazy for that.
here's the back:

mendocino  quilt (back)

and here it is in situ, or at least where i like it. i love how it gives that extra something special to my little reading/laptop using nook.

mendocino quilt in situ

and here is a little birthday crown i made for my niece's birthday. one of these days, xander is really going to be annoyed at me for making him model girl stuff. ilya watched me taking the pictures and said, "ugh! why is sashka wearing a GIRL hat?" (the word GIRL infused with all the disgust a six-year-old can muster)

livi's hat

i can't wait to see her wearing it with her little party dress! hey, i gotta get my girlie kicks somehow...

1 comment:

Susan said...

how pretty your quilt is! and what a lovely reading corner. i love that rocker!