Friday, January 15, 2010


my friend susan over at whatsoever things are beautiful tagged me. i'm it!
i guess i'm supposed to write seven things people might not know about me. hmmm. i'll try. some things i think people are bound to know. most things are from long ago. still, i'll try.

1) i have a black belt in taekowndo. i used to be part of a demonstration team, too. we would go to schools and stuff and break boards and smack each other with nunchuks. it was pretty fun. kind useless, because i'd probably get beat up in a fight now, but still.

2) i used to be the president of my college's speech and debate team. nerdy, i know. i enjoyed it, though. my last year competing i won third place in the national competition. there were like 700 people competing so it was no small feat. but a nerdy feat.

3) most people know this already, but i had my first baby (who is now almost SEVEN--i can't believe it!) at home. it was great. the best part was not having a nurse barge in every fifteen minutes to check my vitals, so i actually got some sleep the first night. also, spending my first morning with a baby sitting on my own couch looking out at the ocean was pretty rad. it was just such a nice, relaxing experience. i mean, as relaxing as giving birth to a giant baby with no drugs can be.

4) like susan, i don't wear deoderant. i switched to baking soda a year ago and haven't looked back since. so far, no stink, so i'm happy. and my breasts are happy, too, because they didn't like the idea of aluminum filled tumors residing within then. TMI, right? oh well.

5) i have a subconscious need to organize things according to the color spectrum. like my fabric, and thread, skittles, etc.

and if it's candy we're talking about, first i separate them by color, then i eat however many i need to to make the piles of equal number, then i line them up according to color. THEN i eat the rest. it has been suggested that i have a little obsessive compulsive disorder in there somewhere. i just like to think that i'm highly organized. ha.

6) i have a few major pet peeves: banana noise, use of the word "moist" in any context, the song "friends are friends forever", and when you're talking to someone and that have that white gunk in the corners of their mouth and you can't really let them know without embarrassing them or throwing up.

gah! chocolate MOIST cake! disgusting!!!!

7) the most nervous i've ever been about anything, EVER, was this one time i had to sing "friends are friends forever" (please see #6) at a funeral for a kid i didn't know and his whole high school was there and there were tv cameras and everything. oh, and they told me at the last minute that they didn't have a tape player, so i had to do it a capella. AND they made me sit in the front pew with his whole family which felt so super weird because i didn't even know the guy. then, for some inconceivable reason, i decided it would be a good idea to say something while i was up there. i have no idea what i said i was so terrified, but i saw his mom nodding and bawling so i don't think it was too bad. still. i had the shakes for hours afterward. it was by far the weirdest, scariest, most surreal experience i think i've ever had.

okay, i think that's it. it's kind of hard to think of interesting tidbits of info about myself. which is why these are all pretty boring. :)


Susan said...

not boring at all! thanks for doing this. i didn't really want to say no to doing it, and i'm glad someone else actually joined in.

and i am so weirdly with you on that color thing. you should see my drawers and closets (when my kids haven't messed them up severely in some wild kid rampage). or with skittles, for example, i have to separate each color, then make full color groups of the rainbow of colors, then smaller groups of colors, and so on until i'm left with only three purples, or whatever. then i start out with the purples and continue on to eat the rest or share the groups with somebody else - actually, i don't eat skittles really anymore, but you know what i mean.

foldreformer said...

I didn't know about the taekowndo, did you do that after you moved to FL?

I tried the deodorant thing, but I guess I've got too many raging hormones, cause it wasn't working for me :O)

I remember the whole "moist" aversion and that just seems to go hand in hand with the sound someone makes when they chew a banana, ewwwww! Gross! it's hard to escape that sound when you have kids unfortunately :O)

You didn't tag anyone but I like to talk about myself, so I'm going to go ahead and join the game :O)