Tuesday, January 26, 2010

mini art quilts!!

so rather than continue to beat myself up for constantly returning to my sewing machine (instead of doing "real" art) i decided to just throw in the towel and try to be both crafty and artistic. i don't know why the two are supposedly mutually exclusive anyway. the result was, i must say, extremely satisfying. i got the warm fuzzy comfort of sewing mixed with a little abstract creative weirdness. i used my sewing machine like a pen and just drew what i wanted onto the quilt. i like it! i think i'm going to make more of these.


i like how this one looks like a contour map. this is a theme i've messed with for years now, in many different media, but this is the first time i've sewn it. i gotta say, i'm liking the sewn version best so far.


THIS was really fun. i sewed the whole thing on my machine, then hand sewed on the abelone (or whatever kind of shell this is) beads.

more to come later...


Susan said...

so cool! i love the google maps likeness :) i am loving what people are doing lately with their sewing machines! free-stitching, or whatever it is called is amazing! you could totally sell these, woman.

rachel.lyn said...

wow! that second one is awesome! Love the colors!

jen smith said...

jenn, you've outdone yourself.
i think i say that every time, but this time, for realz.
i love this!

Anonymous said...

wow. so awesome. where does all this fabric come from. you must have a fabric tree in the backyard.