Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A feature and an award

I got some fun stuff in my email this morning. 
First of all, I got a note saying that my doll quilt had been featured on a post about modern hand quilting at Falling for Pieces. Check out the other creations featured, they're pretty cool.

I also received a note from Leanne at she can quilt that she had awarded me the Stylish Blog Award. My blog is very happy to be considered stylish, even if the author isn't. 

As per the rules, I'm supposed to share seven things about myself and pass the award along to six other blogs.

Okay here goes:

1) I'm really not stylish at all. If I could I'd wear my pj's 24/7, but I'm always paranoid the Jehovah's Witnesses are going to come knocking and find me wearing cut off pajama pants and a ratty t-shirt. Oh wait, that's already happened. Twice. 

Let me just say It's really hard to argue theology when you're dressed like a homeless dude.

2) I like really nerdy things, like Star Trek and Star Wars and Stargate and other Star-related things.

3) The end of Toy Story 3 and Babe make me cry every SINGLE TIME I watch them. It's super embarassing.

4) I have exactly three quilts in my house that were made by me. If I watch tv at night, you can bet I'll be curled up under the cheap one I got out of the "as is" bin at Ikea. How wrong is that? But it's so fluffy!

5) Nearly every day of the week I subject myself to a lot of jumping, punching, and booty dancing to awful music. I have gotten a lot better at it, but not a lot skinnier. Drat.

6) Every single time I go anywhere, and I mean ANYWHERE, some person at some point will look at me and my kids and say, "Wow! Three boys, huh?" As if having three boys were some kind of bizarre anomaly. Or as if I should win some kind of special award for squeezing out three males.

7) If I could eat any food every day of the week it would be mangoes. Hands down. 

Okay, now to pass out awards of my own. I award.....drum rolll......

Some of these you probably know, some maybe not, not all are quilting/crafting blogs but I find them stylish nonetheless. So there. Duly awarded.

And I'm out.


Rachel Hauser said...

Oh my word, YOUR list is too funny! I especially loved #5. Is that kick boxing? Or Zumba? either way, I know what you mean. I'm subjecting myself to yoga, but not sure about those results yet. What's with this older woman's body?

OK, thanks for the award! I'm checking out some of the other new-to-me blogs!

Elizabeth said...

I got an award?! Thank you!! Haha, this reminds me of all the websites I made back in the day when I first started using the internet--I was about 14. There were a lot of "awards" floating around then..haha. THANKS, JENN! And whether you think so or not you are stylish. Get used to it!

Elizabeth D. said...

An award? For me? I'm so behind on blogs, my goodness. Thank you so much for thinking of me, you're so sweet. And your list positively cracked me up. I have the same fear about those darn Jehovah's Witnesses! They always have the worst timing! :)