Thursday, March 24, 2011

Frankenstein, etc.

Okay, so remember when I promised to post some pics of the Ceylon dress I made? Here's one I took before it was completely finished:

Red Ceylon, pretty much finished

I still hadn't sewn on the last four or five buttons, but when I did...disaster! I think the interfacing I chose is too heavy because all those buttons make the whole front of the skirt stick out in this really weird, crooked, irritating way. Plus when I took a good look at the back, the skirt is cut in such a way that when you stand really, really straight, it sticks out in this little tent right above the butt crack. Not attractive. Nobody likes a butt-crack tent. 

Needless to say, I was really bummed and annoyed about all this. I'm not really sure what to do about it just yet, and honestly I think I need some time away from it before I can even attempt to start altering it. :(

I also started (and finished) another dress. I really wanted to use some of the Innocent Crush voile to make a dress for Easter/just because. I picked this pattern to try it out:

Okay, don't ask me what I was thinking. Blousy, flowy, unstructured and lots of gathers does not go well on chubby chicks with big busts. Which I would have known had I not gotten lazy and opted not to make a muslin. Bad me! Oh well. After I lifted the waistline, chopped off the long cuffs on the sleeves, and attached an entirely different skirt to the bottom, it came out decent. And not even remotely resembling the original pattern. Which for my body is probably a good thing. I call the dress Frankenstein.

Frankenstein dress
Frankenstein dress 2

Please no comments on the horrible hair day I'm having, coupled with the fact that it's hard to get a good picture taken by a seven-year-old boy.

I've also been haphazardly working on my Charley Harper quilt--today I finished embroidering all the branches of the nerve cell and then fused all the pieces onto the white background fabric. I just need to get some thread to match all those colors so I can applique them on.

Charley Harper Quilt progress

Humdeedoo. Hope you're all having a swell day.


Rachel Hauser said...

I saw your dress over on Flickr and had to run over to say you look lovely! I think you WAY improved the patter, btw. The belt and the skirt are the best parts! I hope you enjoy wearing it.

Jenn Grigoryev said...

Aw, thanks Rachel. I felt so icky today with the scraggly hair and all so it's good to hear, ha ha.

felicity said...

"After I lifted the waistline, chopped off the long cuffs on the sleeves, and attached an entirely different skirt to the bottom, it came out decent." - a ringing endorsement of a pattern if ever I've heard one! You look super cute - the voile is gorgeous.

Elizabeth said...

Love the dresses!! One day I'll attempt one. My last experience sewing from a pattern did not turn out so great. I did get to wear the skirt once to school (where it got a lot of compliments!) before it promptly fell apart. That was a long time ago, though!

szkornelia said...

Love your cell biology quilt. I should make something like that for the lab. :) What a great idea.

TheBlackForrist said...

holy moly I like that charlie harper quilt block... AMAZING! Also, I actually like that dress more seeing it on your than on the pattern. the belt is to die for cute. Great fabric choice too!

SewAmy said...

what is this cute cell quilt all about? loving it.

Green Morning said...

i just came across your post when searching for Charley Harper. so far it looks great! where can i see the finished quilt?