Monday, July 16, 2012

stash envy

Working on my x & + blocks has made me realize the extent of my stash decimation over the last few years. Not that I ever had a stash like some of the enviable ones I've seen some other people have, but still. I felt reasonable well-supplied for when the quilting mood might strike. Not as well supplied as some people, like Elizabeth from "Don't Call Me Betsy"--uummmm, check out this stash right here:

my stash and design wall

Whaaaat? For real? I would die to have such piles of yumminess at my disposal. But still. As I said, I felt reasonably well supplied. However...between charity quilts, swaps, etc. what fabric I did have has now been reduced to two tiny, sad little boxes. And I also realized that I have not had even the tiniest bit of extra cash to replenish said stash.

I admit--this is mostly fine with me. I'm a fairly practical, frugal person, so the idea of piles of unused fabric sitting in (albeit very pretty) piles makes me feel sort of silly. I usually only buy fabric I need for a particular project, throwing in an extra print or two if it means getting free shipping. (Can you smell the practicality?)

But that doesn't mean I don't occasionally suffer from a little stash envy. I have my moments of wistful window-shopping on etsy or fabricworm, and I'm definitely guilty of a little teeth-grinding perusal of other people's sewing studios with their rainbowy piles of loot. (Please see exhibit A up there).

Here are some fabrics I am definitely loving right now.

I know it's "old" but I had this in the blue colorway and loved it. Lately I noticed my selection of pinks is almost completely used up, and I love these pretty, berry colored pinks and pale greens together.

This isn't really that practical, but it's cute and red and aqua never really gets old for me. (At least it hasn't yet).

I super duper love all the Ed Emberley fabrics from Cloud 9. Of course, I'd have to rob a bank or not have three little boys who eat like grown men to be able to afford this bundle, but still. One can drool.

I also heart this quilt blocks line from Moda, especially the stars print. I really like the cheery, graphic colors and patterns here.

Anyway, that's enough wishful thinking for one day. Someday....someday....


Elisabeth Woo said...

I'm so glad you posted this, because I feel the exact same way. Sometimes I look through all the other bloggers stashes and wonder how much money they must make to afford such luxurious stashes! There's always that small hint of jealousy. :)


Lynz said...

Ohmigosh, that's a LOT of stash! I couldn't justify that amount - fabric costs twice here what it does over your way! But it does look very pretty all lined up like that. If it makes you feel any better, I have one shelf of folded fabric and one of scrap boxes. And they're small shelves! I'm not a fabric junkie (but I like looking!)