Tuesday, July 10, 2012

x & + = progress

Ah, summer. The months we spend cooped up in a (hopefully) air-conditioned box, and occasionally break up the monotony with some half-hearted floating in the pool. For me, summer is a time I equate with sweat, lethargy, and a total lack of creative inspiration. I just feel too cooped up and/or hot to want to bother. 

I wonder, is it the opposite for people who live in colder climes? Do you feel less inspired to sew (or knit or bake) when it's snowing outside? For me, as soon as fall comes and the weather starts to cool (even if it's just pretend cool, because really, fall is more like summer, part II around here) I start getting all sorts of motivated. I feel like I'd be even more motivated if I lived up north. Something about snow and baking and quilting just seem like should go together. But maybe not? Who knows.

Anyway, about the only thing I've been up to lately has been getting things organized for our first week back homeschooling, and sewing some more of my scrappy x & + blocks.

july x&+1

I admit there is a part of me that sees all the random blocks, random colors, and goes NyuuuhhH and starts twitching. But. I really want to use all my scraps. I want to use colors that I tend to ignore in my quilting (like browns...ugh. Brown) and I know that even though each block may look like a hot mess, the end result could very well be brilliant. 

X & + progress, july

Of course, there's the always the possibility it could be a total disaster.

Six blocks down today. Time to go float in the pool.


Jessica said...

I don't think yours look like a mess at all! You did such a good job with value on your blocks. It's going to be gorgeous.

krista said...

are you out of your mind? these are rad-tastic all around! LOVING the whole look. but i'm the crayon vomit kind of girl. (crayon vomit = totally awesomely fantastic) I feel you on brown, it doesn't get into much of what I do either. as far as the heat vs. inspired thing, i dunno. i think i get more DONE when it's cold... but only cause i can't play outside. i kind of love handsewing on the porch in nice hot weather, tho! (not this 100+ heat wave, of course).

A Girl said...

I hear you! The heat and afternoon thunder storms is really messing with my mojo, but i do like how your quilt is coming out. Bright and colorful, 2 of my favorite things. Did you hear that there is a Modern Quilt Guild starting up a chapter here in Tampa? If you are interested let me know and I will send you the info.

Leslie said...

this looks really great, not a mess!!

Rachel Hauser said...

It will most definitely NOT be a disaster of any kind. I'm liking it very much!

Jennifer R said...

I can just hear you saying "Nyuuuuuh"! But - I think it really looks cool and I know it's going to look amazing when it's complete!